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Enable your team’s full collaborative potential by bridging geographical divides with Collaboration solutions from Smart City Voice.  Offering dynamic meeting options, Collaboration solutions enable your employees to focus on the substance of their meetings or webinars, and not the technology. Participants are able to join meetings with ease because there is no complicated downloads or special software requirements.

With solutions for every device, you can’t find a more convenient place to manage all of your communication services than with Smart City Voice.

A new way to manage communications

Unrivaled combination of technologically advanced and easy-to-use products that keep you connected in the office or on the go. Take advantage of all features regardless of location or device.

Even with email and social media, nothing replaces the ability to host a meeting. With Collaboration solutions from Smart City Voice, it’s easier than ever for businesses to bridge the distance between offices and employees as companies expand across the nation. Encourage better collaboration from anywhere in the world, and cut time, money and travel expenses while increasing productivity.

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Collaboration from Smart City Voice includes:

  • Planning Tools for easy scheduling and set up, customizable registration, flexible confirmation options and automated reminders.
  • In-Meeting Tools that allow the host to integrate audio controls, manage participants, present slides, share apps or desktops, allow chat, Q&A and enhanced polling, and record meetings.
  • Post Meeting Tools that allow customizable post-meeting surveys and emails.


Audio Conferencing:

  • HD Quality: Excellent voice quality paired with enhanced feature sets.
  • Virtual Meetings: Connect with 2 to 200-plus callers located anywhere.
  • Reduce Expenses: Instantly correspond with multiple employees and/or clients across the globe without traveling.



  • Browser-Based: Cloud-based solution offers a robust set of presentation tools and built-in audio and video support.
  • Share Content: Collaborate from anywhere in the world without the expense and time of meeting in person.
  • Virtual Meetings: Organize, manage and attend virtual meetings, webinars, sales demos, training sessions and live support.


Benefits of Collaboration from Smart City Voice:

  • Flexibility: Access the conference through an online portal or a touchtone phone.
  • Upgraded features: Record calls for playback, manage participants and more.
  • One bill: Lower administration time with one monthly bill from Smart City Voice.
  • No hidden fees: No surprises for exceeding time limits or number of participants.
  • Save money: Cost-effective solution reduces travel expenses and increases productivity.


Electronic Fax

An Internet faxing solution as mobile as you are.


Get advanced accessibility and mobility with Electronic Fax, providing reliable and secure data transmission to and from any Internet-enabled desktop, laptop, SmartPhone or tablet device, from anywhere.

Businesses are no longer tied to the office and your business communications shouldn’t be either.  Electronic Fax solutions from Smart City Voice, a cloud fax service, enables users to send and receive faxes on any Internet-enabled desktop, laptop, SmartPhone, or tablet device. If you have access to your email, you have access to your faxing services.  It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s the latest technology for less.

Electronic Fax is a soft fax solution tied to a user’s email account. The fax account has a designated phone number that will automatically send all incoming faxes to the assigned email address as attached PDF files.  Outbound faxes can be sent by scanning and sending via the user’s email account.

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