Streamline your business phone communications.

Gain insight into your day-to-day operations like never before.

With Smart City’s customizable web portal, you can manage your phone communications like never before. Get administrative controls for better management and security, advanced calling features, and 24/7 accessibility and visibility into performance.

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Real-time access to managing your phone system.

Our Hosted Voice service includes both an Administrator and a User web portal that allows you to easily manage your service. An easy-to-use portal that gives you a control and access anytime to keep your business running smoothly, from any device, so you can manage your Hosted Voice service from anywhere.

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Designed to give you flexibility and scalability to run your business.

With administrative controls, you determine how you want to manage your system, including who can view, access, and change your system.  As an administrator, you have 24/7 access to and control of functions like managing users, setting up Auto Attendants, setting up Music on Hold, listening to and downloading call records, and viewing call data reports.

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Users can configure and manage their extension.

The User portal is a powerful way to manage extensions. Your employees can change their extension-specific settings and accomplish tasks like using visual voicemail, accessing their call history, sending and receiving faxes, collaboration through Instant Messaging, and conferencing.

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Maximize your call center efficiency with optional Call Center module.

Manage your call center calls, from setting up customized Auto Attendants to determine call flows, Music on Hold, and call routing with our optional Call Center Module. Gain real-time access to in-depth call center statistics and analytics such as call trends, and real-time data to help you make more informed decisions and determine the effectiveness and productivity of your call center.

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