Give your employees the flexibility to stay connected from anywhere.

Get all the functionality of a desk phone on a computer or mobile device.

With remote workers on the rise, your employees need better ways to stay connected when they are not in the office. With softphone applications, get all the functionality of a telephone on a computer or mobile device. You’ll help remote and mobile employees stay connected to the office no matter where they are working.
Netsapiens Softphone App

Desktop Softphone – Get geographic flexibility to work from anywhere.

No matter where your employees are, they can make and receive calls from any computer with an Internet connection. The Smart City Softphone allows your employees to take their business phone with them. From a client’s office, hotel room, airport, or even a coffee shop, they simply boot up their laptops and have their phone ready to go. Instead of a desk phone, all they need is a headset for optimal call quality, just like they are in the office.
Netsapiens Mobile Screenshot

Smart City Connect – Mobile Application for working on the go.

Smart City’s Hosted Voice service comes with the ability to make users more mobile with Smart City Connect mobile application. Available in both the Apple and Google app stores under the name Smart City Voice, the mobile app enables users to make and receive calls from either their Android or iPhone devices as if dialing from their desk phone. Users can also transfer calls from their mobile device back to the team at the office.
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