A smarter way to stay connected.

All the features you need, delivered in a simple, scalable, reliable VoIP solution.

With more than 50 voice and unified communication features that are easy to set up and manage, get features like call control, instant messaging, and voicemail suite in one powerful phone system.  Manage your calls from anywhere you have an Internet connection using our mobile, desktop and softphone apps, and online portal.

Real-time access to managing your phone system.

Our Hosted Voice service includes both an Administrator and a User web portal that allows you to easily manage your service. An easy-to-use portal that gives you a control and access anytime to keep your business running smoothly, from any device.

  • Manage your Hosted Voice service from anywhere. Call logs, voicemail, call recordings, and call routing are just a click away.
  • Accessible from any Internet-enabled device. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • 24/7 access to and control of functions such as managing your Auto Attendants, adding Music on Hold, checking and downloading call recordings and access to your system.
Portal Features
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Manage and control your productivity from any Internet-enabled device

Get one-number calling from any device. Never miss a call with mobile phone, desk phone, and web-based softphone options.

  • Make or receive calls using your desk phone, softphone, or smartphone.
  • Move a call from one device to another without disconnecting.
  • With our Find Me/Follow Me functionality, you can define how calls are forwarded or routed, ensuring you receive that important call whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or anywhere else.
  • Mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone smartphone and can be found in the Apple and Google app stores under Smart City Voice.
Softphone Features
Video Conference with Laptop

Conduct meetings anytime from virtually anywhere

Work more effectively, whether in the office or on the road with web, audio and video conferencing.

  • Boost productivity across calls, devices and locations with Instant Messaging/Chat and Team Messaging.
  • Enable multiple participants to talk simultaneously over the phone with Audio Conferencing.
  • Simple Video Conferencing experience gives your employees the ability to collaborate, driving better business decisions.
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Enterprise-Grade Features

Get all the best phone features for your business.

Team collaboration
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Enable better communication with your employees, colleagues, vendors, partners, and customers.

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Increase productivity by keeping connected virtually anywhere on any device.

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Selection of features that enable you to keep in contact and never miss a message.

Enterprise-Grade Features

  • Domain-Wide Call Recording

    Allows us to set a global option for any calls under a customer's domain to be recorded.

  • Customizable Music on hold - Comfort Message

    Ability to stitch in messages and custom audio into Music On Hold with configurable timing between messages.

  • Bulk Edit Users

    Allows the selection of multiple users and then editing specific values all at once.

  • Prioritize and Transfer Calls waiting in queue

    The feature to prioritize calls waiting in a call queue allows greater control over how calls are received.

  • Custom Call Center Agent Statuses

    Call Center Supervisors can add custom broad descriptions agent statuses such as "lunch", "break", and "available".

  • Tiered Round Robin Hunt Groups

    Using the same principle as Round Robin, except that agents are placed into tiered groups.

  • Pick up an/transfer a call waiting Queue

    Pick up or transfer a que to any phone.

  • Persistent Notification Voicemail Reminder

    Persistent notification alerts users by email, phone, and SMS when there is a new voicemail message.

  • Progressive Web App

    Allows improved functionality for users in the browser with better brand visibility, push notifications, and more.

  • Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis

    Allows for text transcription and sentiment analysis of recorded calls.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance

    Get unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

  • Account Codes

    Track and bill clients for call time.

  • Admin and User Portals

    Easily manage your platform online.

  • Answering Rules

    Define how you want your calls handled.

  • Auto Attendant

    Automate how calls are handled to make getting to the right person the first time quick and easy.

  • Call Forwarding Features

    Manage how you want calls handled with Call Forward options.

  • Call History

    View user-friendly historical records of call activity.

  • Call Handling Features

    Determine what you want to do with your calls.

  • Call Queue

    Enables you to distribute calls from a single number.

  • Caller ID Features

    Know who the caller is before answering.

  • Custom Greetings

    Create customized professional greetings to welcome and direct your customers.

  • Dialing Options

    Quick and easy ways to reach your team members.

  • Direct Numbers

    Give your employees a direct number for their callers.

  • Music on Hold

    Decide what music you would like your callers to hear when they are on hold or in queue.

  • Shared Line Appearance

    Choose a delegate to answer or handle calls on your behalf.

  • Simultaneous Ring

    Never miss a call. Calls will ring on all of your devices.

  • Speed Dial

    Make calls faster with the press of one button.

  • Time Frames

    Create custom schedules for call routing.

  • Toll Free Numbers

    Make it easy and convenient for customers to contact you.

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Convert your audio voicemails messages to text and sent to your email.


  • Web Instant Messaging

    Easily send a quick message to your team members with a simple click.

  • Conference Bridge

    Audio conferencing with message and screen sharing.

  • Team Messaging

    Chat, screen share and file sharing made easy.

  • Meetings

    Collaborate anytime, anywhere with instant online meetings.

  • Video Conferencing

    Live meetings and screen sharing with one click.


  • Smart City Mobile SSO Options

    Multiple SSO options are available for Smart City Mobile, including Apple SSO.

  • Smart City Connect Mobile App

    Turn your smartphone into your office phone.

  • Move My Call

    Seamlessly switch between your desktop and mobile phone.

  • Presence Monitoring

    See if your colleague is available for a call.

  • Multiple devices on one extension

    Connect all of your devices with one extension.

  • Desktop and Mobile Apps

    Stay connected on your desktop, iPhone or Android device.

  • eFax

    Send and receive faxes from any of your devices.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Get your voicemails delivered to your email.

  • Work from anywhere

    Access your phone system with desktop, web and mobile apps.

  • Remote Voicemail

    Check your voicemail from any phone.

  • Web Softphone

    Make and receive calls from a web browser.


  • Unified Messaging

    Provide a unified desktop and mobile experience.

  • Intercom

    Connect to your co-workers with the push of a button.

  • Visual Voicemail

    Access voicemails anytime from your phone system or via a desktop or mobile device.

  • Email to Fax

    Send outbound faxes from your email box.

  • Fax to Email

    No need to print a copy just to fax it. Simply send your document from your computer.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Automatically receive voicemail messages in your email inbox.

  • Text to Speech

    Transform your typed text into audible speech for callers to hear.

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At Smart City, we are uniquely positioned in the market to serve your business. With a diverse portfolio of Internet and voice services, we offer custom solutions and will work with you to build a tailored plan for your unique requirements.

Disclaimer: All our services are provided on an individual negotiated contract basis.

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